Update Kirby content, using files outside content folder

I am trying to create an eshop where Kirby is used for the products. An (old) external system used by the physical store, can output text files containing information about the products sold on the store, so that the eshop can be updated.

So, I thought of using a folder inside Kirby, where the external system would automatically upload the sold item’s files via ftp. Where can I place this folder, so that it can be remotely accessible? Also, how can I update Kirby’s content files using the external system’s files?

It doesn’t really matter where you put these files, somewhere out of the content folder, yes. What is the structure of these files? You need to read them and parse them somehow, so that you can create/update Kirby pages from this information.

The files will most likely be in JSON format.

Ah, then it’s no problem because that is structured data.

What do you mean with remotely accessible?

The external system must be able to upload the JSON files somewhere in Kirby, in a place that has the proper permissions. I will then use a CRON job to trigger the action of reading/updating files.

It could also work if Kirby could read the JSON files from another server’s folder. I don’t know if that’s possible.

That depends on that servers settings, i.e. if it accepts requests from another server.