Ad-hoc setup for kirby's content folder

This is more an open question of whether it’s possible to do the following, and moreover how you would suggest to do it.

So, as many others have tried (and some succeeded), I am tinkering with the idea of augmenting my computers’ file system and build an interface on top of it.

What I want to do is to have a root folder (/projects), with a list of subfolders. Inside each subfolder there are say three text files, formatted kirby styles, containing a mix of yaml and md.

My idea would be to place the kirby folder inside the /projects folder instead of outside of it, and set a custom path (or custom paths) to make kirby read all the other subfolders as content folders. As written above though, these subfolder projects each has three text files, sitting at the root of the folder. So they should be read by kirby as well (quick solution would be to put each of them inside a folder, but let me keep it dreamy for now)

The reason is that I don’t want to change my file structure because of kirby or any other website app, and rather wish I could accomodate it within the already existing structure (all in all kirby should act as an interface layer than anything else).

This is the projects/ folder:


Is this nonsense or somehow doable?

I’m afraid I don’t understand your structure. What are these subfolders of the projects folder? Separate Kirby projects? Part of a single Kirby project?

Each project, eg project-a etc, is a folder that in a normal kirby setup would sit inside kirby’s content/ folder.

The root projects/ folder would be kirby’s content/ folder.

My main question is if it’s possible to wrangle kirby’s content folder structure inside out, as in placing a kirby installation inside its content/ folder and mapping new paths to make kirby work still.

I don’t know if that’s possible but it doesn’t sound like a good idea at all. After all, the content folder must be writable, whereas the Kirby folder shouldn’t have write rights.