Content folders for Testversions

I would like to include into a running kirby installation some test versions, so the structure looks like this:


  • assets
  • contents
  • dev
    • kirby-test-01
  • kirby

in the kirby-test-01 i would like to delete the content folder and point to the main content folder in the root (running) version.
i am not really familiar how to write that, but this doesn’t work:

// changing the directory
$kirby->roots->content = $kirby->roots()->index() . DS . ‘…/…/content’;
// changing the url
$kirby->urls->content = $kirby->urls()->index() . ‘…/…/content’;

the first page appears, but no links work and images won’t be loaded as well…

I think it’s enough to just go one folder up:


$kirby = kirby();
$kirby->roots->content = '../content';
$kirby->urls->content = '../content';

or use the full path to the folder.

thanks, texnixe,

it needs two steps, because: dev / kirby-install are 2 steps away from the content.

it actually works for the roots declaration, but the urls don’t work at all. if i try to reach any other page than the homepage it doesn’t work…

somehow the relative path doesn’t want to work here.

Hm, for me it seems to work with a relative path even two folders up, at least on localhost. It doesn’t create any absolute URLs though, but for development purposes it should suffice, I guess?

hey texnixe, can i write you an email? i would like to disclose some folder structure to you and think in general it could be a good thing to offer a setup with a root install and a test folder that offers versions in design and templates, but leaves the content untouched.
with the (my) current site.php that seems not to work and since i needed this previously already, i would like to solve this once and for all…


Yes, sure, you can do that.

did you get my email? if not, to which one can i send it?

No, I didn’t get anything. You can email me at