Uniform v3 release

A few weeks ago I browsed the kirby-plugins repository and stumbled upon the kirby-form plugin. The plugin is a helper for web form submissions similar to my own Uniform but more basic. I immediately liked the clean and object oriented implementation of kirby-form over the <euphemism>evolved</euphemism> code of Uniform.

This motivated me to finally start a major refactoring of Uniform. I wanted the implementation to be clean, object oriented and tested as I’ve learned it by working with Laravel over the last years. By making use of kirby-form as base class, we’ve created a little “standard” for web forms with Kirby where you can switch from kirby-form to Uniform and back again without too much of a hassle.

So I’m excited to present to you today the release of Uniform v3.0.0-beta! The plugin got a complete overhaul, is more stable, modular and easier to use now. There are lots of breaking API changes, too, so you have to think about if an upgrade is worth it for your existing sites. Uniform v2.3 still works fine, of course, and will be supported with bugfixes.

This is the beta release and I hope many of you will give it a try and report back what you like or don’t like, or if anything doesn’t work as expected. There are some open issues and PRs that need to be resolved until the stable release, as well. You can find the full documentation and the upgrade guide over at Read the Docs where both the documentation for v2.3 and v3 will be hosted from now on. Feedback, help and PRs are always appreciated!


Really like it at a glance, will try it out on a project I’m currently working. Great work!

Since you were (rightly) complaining about a lack of feedback over at Uniform - multiple form and ajax , here’s mine.

So far I have tested it with the email, webhook and session-store actions on two of my sites with no issues at all. For all new projects I will use v3 from now on and I’ll try to update older sites wherever / whenever an oppurtunity arises.

New is not always better, but here I would say it is.

I wasn’t complaining, really :smile: Thank you for the kind feedback, glad to hear it works well.

I’ve just released Uniform v3.0.0. Some of you are already using v3.0.0-beta so be sure to upgrade (there have been a few tweaks and fixes).