Uniform - can not reply at send messages

I have a simple contactform on my site, powered by Uniform.

As you can see in the screenshot above (sorry, no inline-code example) the form-messages are send to inbox@myserver.com and the form-messages are send by contact@myserver.com

I also have a field email were the user / sender can enter his / her own email-address.

When I receive a message, the raw headers are something like this;

###Question One - reply to the sender in person, not the server###

The problem is… when I hit “reply” in Thunderbird or Outlook (web-client, not Outlook Express the software suite) I reply to contact@myserver.com because that’s the sender of the mail.

Of course, this is (technically) good behaviour, but is there any option I can reply direct to the address as mentioned in the email field in my online form?

Like you can see in the screenshots above (Thunderbird / Outlook web), the message goes straight to contact@myserver.com (while there is a reply-to field, containing the right address… but both Outlook and Thunderbird do not obey this rule.

…this makes replying to an incoming email very hard, when you’ve a lot of communicating through your site.

###Update - maybe a solution?###

When I enter a non-existing email-address for the sender, both Thunderbird and Outlook do reply at the real sender (the person) and not the sender as defined in the code.

Maybe this is default behavior for those clients?

info@myserver.com does reply to that address, but dso4342sfsaqs@myserver.com does reply to the person who send the contact-message…

sender (required) - The email address used for the from field of the email that will be sent. This should be the address of your website, e.g. info@your-domain.tld. Some spam filters will cause problems if they discover an email with a from field that doesn’t match the server of it’s origin.

(from the official docs)

###Question Two - send cc: or bcc: with a single action###

Does the plugin by any change allow cc: and / or bcc: settings? I tried all options, even recipients separated by comma’s and also a double array with “email sent” actions, but nothing did work… only one message was delivered at a time.

(I can send a cc: using two 'actions' => array(array('_action' => 'email' codes, but than the confirmation-message is also shown twice… which looks… weird?)

###Question Three - get the name of the person as the sender###

Even I created a <input type="text" name="name" id="name" value=""> field, the real persons name (let’s say John Doo) is never mentioned as the sender (it only says sender : contact@myserver.com) - but not the real persons name.

If you add a name=“name” field, the content will be used for the name of the sender in addition to the email address in the email header.

(from the official docs)

That’s very strange, as Reply-To is standardized and worked for me in every client so far. Since the header is set, this is not an issue with Uniform.

It seems like you currently can’t. You can however create your own Uniform action. Maybe @mzur, the creator of Uniform, knows of a better solution.

Again, @mzur can help you with this.

That shouldn’t happen. That’s what Reply-To is for, after all. I’ve never encountered any issues with that. Can you test if it’s the same if you send yourself an email (e.g. using Thunderbird) and set some other address as Reply-To?

Uniform uses the email function of the Kirby Toolkit which doesn’t allow such things.

You can either extend the default mail service of the toolkit and use it instead in your email action (while passing cc or bcc addresses as service options) or:

There’s nothing wrong with that. You can explicitly display the feedback message of only one action by using the argument of message(), e.g. message(0) displays only the feedback message of the first action in the actions array. But be aware of the bug where the _receive_copy copy of the email is sent multiple times when multiple email actions are in use.

I’m sorry but as of v2.1.4 that feature is not available any more. I forgot to update the wiki :confused:

Weird and strange thing are going on (maybe because it’s Halloween this week?)…

…I’ve send more than 150 mails to myself, with different settings - and this is what I discovered (in short; it looks like an error of the email-clients, not an error of the excellent plug-in).

This is my situation;

  1. I have a shared (test-) server, let’s say it’s www.test-server.com
  2. I have only one mail-address, assume it’s info@test-server.com
  3. I also an alias, for that mail-address; my-first-name@test-server.com

In every test I use the mail-address users-email@test.com for the users-email on the front-end of the site (so this variable is constant)…

When I send a message from my test-server to my-first-name@test-server.com and the sender is info@test-server.com things go wrong, see the screenshot below.

When I hit reply in Thunderbird, the mail goes to… my-first-name@test-server.com (the alias for info@test-server.com, while the reply-to field also shows up (but is not used when you actually send the message).

Now switch some things… I send a message from my test-server to info@test-server.com and the sender is my-first-name@test-server.com.

When I hit reply on that message… everything is okay! The reply-to field doesn’t even show up in Thunderbird;

And for the record… both the recipient my-first-name@test-server.com and sender my-first-name@test-server.com works fine, and info@test-server.com combined with info@test-server.com also…

So the error only occurs, when the sender is info@test-server.com (the real email-address) and the recipient is my-first-name@test-server.com (the alias for the sender).

It occurs in both Thunderbird and Outlook (webclient)… now weird is that?

As for the other ansers; thank, I really appreciate!