Uniform - Display E-Mail Address in Mail Body

Hi Kirby - Fellaz!

One more Uniform - question. :wink:
How can I transmit the ReplyTo - Address in the Email Body?

I collect the Email Address in the Webform like this:

      <label<?php e($formcontact->hasError('_from'), ' class="erroneous"')?> for="email"><?php echo l::get('email-address') ?></label>
  <input type="email" name="_from" id="email" class="form-control" value="<?php $formcontact->echoValue('_from') ?>" required/>

I would like to get this Email - Address - Information in the Email - Body and not just as the ReplyTo - Address.
Is this possible? I am not using a snippet for the E-Mail Body.

I tried to output/transmit <?php $formcontact->echoValue('_from') ?> with a hidden Form field… but it didn’t work.

Thanx a lot!

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I think @mzur can shed some light on this.

Have your tried using a snippet?

hi @texnixe!

thanx for your answer.

no… i didn’t use snippets for the forms.
is there a tutorial out there? how to work
with snippet files and uniform?

everything else is working just fine using
lines like this:

<?php $formcontact->echoValue('name') ?>


<?php $formcontact->echoValue('surname') ?>


<?php $formcontact->echoValue('message') ?>

i can get the desired data.

only the email content is missing?

<?php $formcontact->echoValue('_from') ?>

Yeah! Maybe… @mzur can help me out once again? :wink:

Saludos, Funkybrotha

Hi @texnixe
Hi @mzur

Yeah! I have found the solution here:

Using a snippet and:

echo "EMAIL: {$form['_from']}";

Now it works!