Unicode and minifier plugins


My subfolder is working with the index-field plugin but this plugin doesn’t seem to work with minify-html plugin.
So I changed my minifier plugin into kirby-html-minifier but this one is changing every à into � . (and only à, not other special characters)

Same thing for kirby-compress and I have set <meta charset="utf-8">, so I don’t understand what’s going on, any ideas ?

Note : when I upload the site on servor, the à is appearing but in lower-case only.


Hi Oziris,
Same thing for me :frowning:

I solve this problem writing directly the TAG and ->html().

For example:

<p><?php echo $page->imagedescription()->html() ?></p>

I don’t think is the best solution, but it works.

Hope help :slight_smile:


Your method could work on targeted divs but this problem is not the best for big texts, with or without<p>
I’m always on it, looking for the best solution.