Tutorials to setup a server with PHP 7, Memcached, HTTP/2 etc

A fellow webdeveloper Chris Fidao @fideloper on twitter, have made en awesome source, like a free Netflix for learning server administration serversforhackers.com

It’s a great source for learning

  • Server Security hardening
  • SSL Certificates (note that letsencrypt.org is coming, I’m sure he’ll make some videos about that in the future, this goes hand in hand with HTTP/2)
  • He also shows a handful of great ways to go about deployments
  • and how to properly handle PHP-FPM.

Last but certainly not least he shows how to install PHP 7 and how to build the memcached extension for it. This is the unicorn-butter for a crazy smooth running Kirby installation.

To easily follow along, you can sign up for DigitalOcean through my referral link digitalocean.com to get $10 in credit -that’s two months worth of their smallest droplet.

Anyways, go and subscribe to this nice guy serversforhackers.com and send him a tweet telling him, he’s awesome! :thumbsup:

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Is that your DigitalOcean affiliate link? Just to make it all transparent.

Yeah, of cause that’s my referral link for DigitalOcean, sorry for not making that totally clear.

Speaking of transparency, the original title of this post (before it got moderated) was “Because we suck at servers and you need PHP 7 (with memcached, TLS and HTTP/2 etc.)” though intentionally a bit longer, an direct analogy to Chris Coyers “Let’s suck at Git together” to ease out that server administration and the command line, to many seems really hard and pretty scary.

Just to be clear: That title was totally alright, but I made it shorter and simpler to make it easier to understand and easier to find. :smile:

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Yet, “How” is shorter than “Tutorials” :smirk:

Naaa don’t Kim Jong-un(do) the title again - just kidding, we’re good @lukasbestle :heart_eyes: