Translation for site.en.txt not applied

Hey there,
im am having the same troubles with translating my site.txt from german to english like described in this topic: Can't translate field in site.yml

The solution there was inside the sitemapper plugin but since i dont use this plugin in my site i just need to create a new topic for this.

Anyone another idea?
The site.en.txt file contains the correct values which i set in the panel. But inside the panel-view and the frontend, it just shows the german texts. But this is just the case for the site, not the pages. page translations work great.

Just updated to Kirby 3.6.0 but it didnt resolved.

Check if you have an extra text files in the folder that shouldn’t be there. So there should only be and site.en.txt and maybe media files with their metadata files but nothing else.

Good morning. I checked that and temporarily deleted all other files except for the and site.en.txt but it does not help.

The changes i made in the panel are stored correctly inside the txt file, but it seems that kirby simply does not uses it in the frontend

Ok i found the error.
I had a custom function inside my config.php with a ‘ready’ => function() to set some variables. When removing this function from the config my translations appear correctly.

I had the same issue. It looks like it derived from the sitemapper plugin. There is a fix in the pipe, but will have to wait until it’s fixed: