Can't translate field in site.yml

I’m having an issue with my field directly placed in site.yml

title: Site
          label: Horaires
          type: textarea

When I complete the field in English, returning to the French language removes the lines I did in English, I can’t translate this field.

  • On every pages, translations works well and I did my config as usual.
  • The issue comes with kirby 3.4 and now on 3.5
  • I’ve deletted every plugins

I cannot reproduce this. Have you checked your content folder to make sure that you only have site.languagcode.txt files?

Yes, I have site.en.txt and in my content folder.
I don’t know where it could comes from…

Could you try with a fresh Starterkit, add languages and a new field in site.yml

Could you also please post your complete site.yml?

I tried with a fresh Starterkit, it’s working.
About my site.yml, as you can see to my gif, I have just let these few lines to get a reduced test case

title: Site
          label: Horaires
          type: textarea

Both .txt files are correctly written when I complete the field, but the panel doesn’t show the right data from the .txt file

Ok, this came from this plugin
Deletted, solved !

That plugin is really great.
You have a fix for that issue here
You just have to remove that site()->title()->html() from this line in the plugin

Thank you very much for pointing me the right way to solve the issue !
You’re right, this plugin is great and save me a lot of time

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