Tpl::load() php requirements

I have a route where a load my page template with tpl::load() . I just experienced a white page (no content at all) on a shared hosting.
On my local version it works great, even on a different hoster. But I’m not sure why it doesn’t load on this one.
Are there any special requirements for tpl::load()? Because if I uncomment this function and echo something else, it works as expected.

Just found the problem: my template is called “orderClient.php” and in the router I loaded it as “orderclient.php”. So my local system is more forgiving then the production server…

Linux servers are case sensitive, if your working on Windows locally then you probably wont run into case issues (until you upload). I guess your live server is linux?

I’m working on mac…

That’s why we generally recommend to shy away from using camelCase in file names and stick with lower case letters.

Whether or not your Mac OS file. system is case-sensitive or not depends on your file system settings…

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jep. Lesson learned.