Time field in structure field always 00:05:00

Very strange problem, two different projects, same behaviour.

I have a Time field inside a structure field, such as:

    type: structure
        type: time 
        display: HH:mm:ss
        translate: false
        width: 1/4

If I create a new element, click on the Time field, write, for example, ‘00:06:21’, then hit enter, the field reverts back to ‘00:05:00’ by itself.

If, instead, I modify the value with the keyboard arrow keys, it works fine. But writing the value, reverts to 00:05:00.

I have a video but can’t upload it here.

Is this a bug ?

Thank you


Kirby Versión
Php 7.4.3

Also, if I check the Network Tab, when I write the value (for example) “00:06:21” in the Time field and hit enter, a POST call with the name ‘validate’ is created, with the pyload of {“duration”:“00:05:00”}

May be useful


Ah, but of course this is related to not specifying steps in the Time field, and so resets to defaults.

Not a bug at all.