Required Field Time—wrong behavior?

I have the following lines of code in my blueprint:

  label: Bis (vormittags)
  type: time
  width: 1/2
  required: true
If I add `required: true` the time in this field is set automatically to 00:00 and the system thinks that the editor typed in a time but he/she doesn’t. I expect that the field is empty and the editor needs to choose a time, otherwise panel gives feedback (mark the field red) that the field is mandatory.

Am I wrong?


That’s currently just how select and time fields work. If the field is required, the user has to choose a value and can’t leave the field blank. This makes sure that the field is never empty and a valid option is always selected.

I agree that it would be better to warn and prevent the user from saving in the first place and have opened an issue on GitHub. Let’s see what Bastian thinks and maybe this will be changed in one of the next releases.

Thanks Lukas.

But this is exactly the problem: The user doesn’t need to choose ’cause Kirby pre-fills the time fields with 00:00 with isn’t blank anymore. This happens only if required: true is in the blueprint. And this is imho a wrong behavior.

Thanks for open up the issue!


I was just about to suggest that you set a default time to prevent the 00:00 value until this issue is resolved, but that doesn’t seem to work, either.