Thumbnails heavier than original


I use an original png image with a 111Ko weight and 800x800px size, but generated thumbnail (cropped to 600x600px) in media folder is now 220ko weight :frowning:

I can see that all images in media folder are heavier than the original.

Someone else has encountered this issue?

Note: I just compressed all images with gulp-image in the content folder - then delete all content in media folder to generate new thumbnails.

I think Iโ€™ve seen a similar issue before but canโ€™t find it right now. Which thumb driver are you using, GD or IM?

neither GD nor imagick perform modern jpg/png/gif optimizations. a unoptimized thumb with a smaller resolution can have a bigger file size than an optimized original.

there are plugins that optimize the thumbs being created. some on same server requiring shell access and others like mine use a cloud service. pushing all thumb images to a service like cloudinary is another solution (getkirby website does this).

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@texnixe, sorry for late response, I tried with both - @bnomei thank you for the tips.

It seems (in any case in my case) that only png thumbs are not well optimized.

jpg cropped thumbs are smaller than the optimized original so everything work fine.

I think I will convert all pngโ€™s to jpg.