Page Insights says images are not well optimized, what do you use?

I am resizing images at 75 quality using default GD thumb driver.

Google Page Insights tells me images can be optimized better, and it supposedly does so by comparing my images with the same images with a compression of 85.

While I am unsure about this comparison (re-compressing 75 quality images to 85 quality ?) the kb savings supposedly achieved by their method are impressive, for example 83kb -> 23kb

Other than lazyloading, srcset etc, I found an old post from google in which it suggested a command based on ImageMagick convert. The up to date version of this post suggests using ImageMin.

As Kirby’s thumbs method only offers the ‘quality’ option to tune image’s compression I was wondering what do people use, if anything for better image optimization in Kirby, if this is really possible as Page Insights suggest.

As, usually, shared hosting does not allow for the installation of further packages, it would be useful to hear of solutions that use common packages already installed in hosting servers.

Thank you !

Ive found that best results come from using imagemagic as the thumb driver, using an image upload hook to scale down images greater than 2,000, and running stuff through the a tool like ImageOptim. The cli version can be run recursively on the whole site. Lastly, its best to use Kirbies resize and crop methods to generate images at an apropriate size for the use - dont use a 1920px image if its only 300pm on the page!

I also use a python tool which is alot faster than image optim cli…

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