Thumbnails are generated but not cropped at all

Hello everyone,
I just started using Kirby and so far it has been quite the experience!
However I stumbled upon a problem: I have setup a gallery where album covers are cropped, and I have two issues.

  1. First time the thumbnails are generated, they are not displayed.
    It seems as though this is a common issue as I think I’ve read this already on this forum, I will investigate but it can most likely be fixed easily.

  2. Most importantly, once thumbnails are indeed generated, they do not have the size I requested, but preserve the original size. For exemple, even if the thumbnail in the media/ folder is named my_image_file-280x240-q90.jpg, it still has its original size of 2610x4640.

Is there an easy way to identify where this issue might arise from?


So files are indeed created by not with the right format? Does this only affect cropped thumbnails or thumbnails in general?

What is your environment? Is GD lib enabled?

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This affected all thumbnails, and yes they were being created but kept the same image size.
But you hinted at the right origin of the problem : I installed php-gd but forgot to enable it in php.ini.

Dumb problem, easy solution! Thanks for taking the time.

Turns out it was also responsible for the 1. problem, now thumbnails are generated and do appear on first load.