Thumbnail creation fails if "thumb" folder is not there

In order to keep my remote git repositories a little bit smaller, I gitignore the thumbs/ folder.
Now when I clone a Kirby project into production, that uses thumbnails, they are not generated until I manually create the thumbs/ folder. Any chance Kirby could automatically create the folder?

How about keeping the thumbs folder and just ignoring the files in the folder?

I’ve tried that but it seems impossible with git if you don’t want to put a .gitignore inside of the thumbs folder. :confused:

Normally you would just need to create the thumbs folder once on your production server. That’s at least what I do. Since you already ignore it with git, there shouldn’t be any problems when you pull stuff on the production server again.

You can use a .gitignore with the following content:


It won’t be a problem for Kirby.


Yes, that works. I just always forget it in case I do have to wipe my production every once in a while. :wink: