The ImageKit Raffle — Win an ImageKit License

With the publication of the 4th episode of our Kirby Kosmos newsletter, Kirby team member Fabian Michael is giving away 5 licenses of his ImageKit plugin. ImageKit provides an asynchronous version of Kirby’s Thumbnail API, and the upcoming version 1.1.0 will also feature image compression and optimization.

If you want to take your chance to win a free license of the plugin, you have to do the following:

  • Reply to this thread until Friday, October 14th 2016 11:59 PM (CEST). Tell us what’s your favorite feature of the plugin, or how you are using it in a current/upcoming project. Feel free to post a link to your project, if it’s already online. Please reply only once.
  • Do not post feature requests into this thread, as it is only intended for the raffle, not for discussion. If you have an idea, please post it into the plugin thread or open a new issue on GitHub.
  • The winners are drawn randomly from all valid replies and will receive a promotion code for retrieving their free license via private message on Monday, October 17th. The winners will also be announced in this thread.
  • In connection with the participation in the raffle, no recourse to legal action is permitted.

Good luck! :smiley:

PS: If you’re not one of the lucky winners or you need more than one license, you can get the plugin with 30% off until October 31st 2016. Just enter the promotion code KOSMOS2016 when checking out.

Great idea!

I recently bought the first ImageKit license and used the plugin for the first time, after my client decided to upload hundreds of images to an image gallery:

It worked perfectly and is a must-have for future projects with many images. It really complements Kirby and I’m looking forward to the image compression features.

By the way: The link to this thread was missing from the newsletter. Just a message saying “hier Link zum Thread”. :sweat_smile:

That was on purpose, to make it a little bit more difficult :wink: No, seriously, sh… happens :unamused:, sorry everyone.

This is a really nice giveaway.

I followed the development of ImageKit because it’s something I could use for my main side project, which, as you can see, is image heavy.

Was already considering the possibility of getting a license for the upcoming V4 of the site but since you’re giving away licenses let’s see if I’m lucky :slight_smile:

And if I’m not lucky I’ll definitely buy a license.

This is totally forbidden by Swedish law:

Lotteries are only allowed by granted permission.

A license to organize lotteries shall be for a certain time and a certain
area where lotteries are permitted. If it does not exist
special reasons otherwise, the area shall be the area where
The association is seeking permission principally operates.

I don’t know why this law exists but I it exists. No laws like it in Germany?

Yes, of course there are laws in Germany :slight_smile: But this is not a lottery but a raffle. You don’t have to pay anything to take part in it, nor do you have to buy anything.

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Raffle? Alright, count me in! This is a really interesting plugin. I once had a client server that couldn’t deal with creating 20 at once. This plugin would’ve been really helpful. (it didn’t exist at the time)

I think the image optimization feature is killer.

This plugin is a must-have for every image heavy site. Of course I’d like to win a license, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Creating my first mobile-first design, this plugin is just what I need.

Once my site is up, it’ll help me load optimized images to users looking at my site on a phone, then going upgrading in quality as the visitor starts looking at my site with bigger screens and better internet speeds.

I love the widget is able to pre-generate thumbnails with a single click.
Also the link on github to buy a license is broken!

Nice plugin – Thank you, Fabian.

It always bothered me that Kirby’s own thumbnail-function creates new pictures only “after” an inital page-load. This results in an unavoidable delay and it can become a repetitive task, if many new pages are created at once and then need to be visited individually. The plugin’s panel-widget seems to provide an easy one-click-solution instead. And the optional server-side image-optimization is a nice addition too.

I’ve not tested it yet, but just bought a license anyway. If I am lucky enough to win another license, it will be used for some ocassional charity thingy.

And I found no broken links today.

@Shurugaz Thanks for the hint, it’s fixed now. :slight_smile:

I am trying this plugin on a local site having in mind a mobile-first site goal.
it should be a must have (and buy a license for the production site as soon as it will be ready, if not lucky)

I’m currently involved in the redesign of a historical NPO. There will be images and documents that are held in the archives.
ImageKit would be a nice addition (:

The thumbnail generation is the big feature for me. I have a Kirby site that posts photo booth photos and loading the pages for the first time takes forever. This would be great.

There are three features I am interested in:

  • automating thumbnail generation
  • running it on my own server (I like to stay independent)
  • also interested in the responsive images add-on when it comes out

The raffle has ended and here are our 5 lucky winners:

The winners will be sent a coupon for retrieving their free ImageKit license via PN.

For everyone else who is interested in buying the plugin, you can get it with a discount of 30 % until October 31, 2016. Just follow this link for your order or enter the coupon code KOSMOS2016 at the checkout page.

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