Textarea Buttons in Block Plugin

I try out the new textarea buttons and it work on the basic textarea. Now I had a some custom block on my page, that use the textarea, but the custom buttons wont show.


panel.plugin("symcon/textareaButtons", {
    textareaButtons: {
        tables: {
            label: "Fix tabel",
            icon: "check",
            click: function () {
                this.command("insert", (input, selection) => {
                    //execute the command


name: Button
preview: fields
wysiwyg: true
    type: textarea
        - tables

Is it not available or did I miss something?

Hm, I just tested your example and works for me, at least after clearing the browser cache.

Yes, it works for a single textfield with custom buttons.

But I discovered that if I had two or more textfields with the same set of custom button, the panel loads dead and freez.
To avoid that the error is on my big project, I take the plainkit and try it again (two plain different textareas, with the same set of custom buttons) with the same result.
My Testing Git Project

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Yes, I tested your example and doesn’t work, so this seems to be some kind of bug.

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There’s an open bug for this problem. I’ve been keeping an eye on the latest betas and so far doesn’t seem to have been addressed in any updates up to 4.1-rc2.

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