Blocks not working in the panel

Hi, I tried to use blocks for the first time (with a fresh download of plainkit).

I understood from here that it should be as simple as defining a textfield with ”type: blocks” in a corresponding blueprint.

But for some reason there appears only a simple text field with no buttons in the panel.

What am I missing here?

Could you please post the complete blueprint?

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Yes, it’s like this:

title: Test
preset: page
  draft: Draft
  unlisted: Unlisted
  listed: Listed
    type: blocks

I think you need to remove preset: page

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Thanks for your quick reply! It wasn’t until now that I noticed the tiny button with three dots on the upper right. From there I can choose all the different blocks.

So this must have been just my misunderstanding. I thought there would be different buttons visible as it is with textareas.

It works both with or without the preset: page now. Thanks again & sorry!

You will have different buttons to format text available in a text block (they show up when you select text)

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True. Thanks for pointing that out!