Blocks Field without Panel

I googled for a while, couldn’t find anything about this, and the docs never mention it.

Is it possible to use the Blocks Field feature without using the Panel?

And if so what is the syntax I need to use in my content/page.txt files to create and populate these fields?


I wouldn’t recommend it, the blocks field stores content as JSON.

OK, so is that JSON documented anywhere? I have a very content heavy site that is not using the Panel at all, and I would like to use the Blocks feature, but I do not want to set up the panel to do so, I would like to just use the content folder as I have been.

Is this possible? Can you point me to an explainer, or an example?


There is no documentation. You can take a look at the content files of the Starterkit. The note pages use the blocks field. I somehow doubt you will have fun writing JSON manually, including making sure you escape things properly, unless you use a tool to output correct JSON :woman_shrugging:. The blocks field was made for use with the Panel.