Text formatting

I am thinking about buying and learning the CMS i have a trial on my PC. I think the text formatting in the backend is probably what my clients will ask first. So i would look for the usual, which is left, right, center alignments, maybe justified. And also we have a lot of tabular data which needed to be added.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would like to move away from wordpress

Check out the Kirby plugins site (http://getkirby-plugins.com), especially these three:


You might also be interested in this link: http://www.tablesgenerator.com/markdown_tables

It allows you to import table data from spreadsheets or CSV files and converts them to markdown syntax.

Keep in mind that you need to enable markdown.extra in your config.php to support this table syntax. You can, of course, just use standard html table syntax in your content files as well.

And one more thing: not so much text formatting for the user, but predefining building blocks : https://github.com/TimOetting/kirby-builder

Also Note that it’s impossible to change e.g. the the text alignment crime the panel/content. And that’s good, because this way the one who knows what he does – the designer and not the client – decides the alignment. Kirby separates content and style and you should stick to this concept :wink:

E.g. if your design needs a way to set centered text for quotes the client should mark it as as quote and not as centered. To be more general mark things as what they are and not how they look.