Copy and paste styled text / html (from Word / Wordpress) into Kirby's text field

Is there a way to copy styled blocks of text from Word to a text field in Kirby panel?

My “client” (dad) has spent years formatting text blocks and headlines with random colors, font sizes and more. If I migrate his content to Kirby Markdown, I will lose all his “work of art” :smile:

Check out this post: Dealing with content from Microsoft Word

I have no idea what these converters to with formatted text that cannot be converted to markdown. Pls. keep in mind that you cannot style text with colors and different font sizes in markdown. Your only alternative would be to convert to HTML and insert HTML into the text fields, which is absolutely possible, so no need to convert to preserver the formatting.

I’ve just tried importing the styled content in HTML and it works.

I guess what would be faster for me would be if I could copy from Word and import in Kirby in HTML.

When I do it so far it strips down the styling and copy it as plain text instead.

Problem is when you convert aWord document to HTLM directly in Word, you get a lot a crap code. I would use an external Word to HTML converter, that produces clean code, maybe this one will do the job, or just google for alternatives.

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