Dealing with content from Microsoft Word

Hi there,

I have large amounts of content from Microsoft Word I need to add to Kirby via the Panel and I was wondering if there was a good way to preserve most of the formatting. There’s a bunch of bold, italics and a couple of headings per page and when pasting directly into a Panel textarea, all the formatting is lost.

Besides going through every line of each text and adding back bold and italics via Markdown, is there a way to preserve or add back the relevant formatting in an efficient manner?


…or simply drag/drop - copy/paste at

You can “even” make a batch command to convert all .doc(x) files to plain markdown… upload them with sFtp and you even don’t need a panel.

When you’re more technically involved -

Easy online alternative -

They all work pretty well (when your .doc(x) are not too complex).


Fantastic tipps! Thanks for sharing.