Text field input value in field label/help

Is it possible to get to current field value?

    label: Anchor
    help: Url of the anchor will be  {{ page.url }}#{{ this.$refs.input.value }}
    type: text

I’ve tried all kinds of variations of {{ this.$refs.input.value }} and {{ this.input.value }} without success.


Short answer: Nope.
The (unsaved) field value is not known server side.

Oh i havent realized this! I get it now. I thought the {{ }} is vue javascript templating but thats just translated to kirby query and sends back string. I was confused that it uses mustashes like vue and looks like js.

So i can get only saved data (thats fine) as {{ page.anchor }} the problem is i need it on structure field/builder field which i won’t have access too. So out of luck for me. Nevermind.

Thanks Sonja!