Blueprint: Use field values as placeholders (dynamic)

Hi there,

once again i’m looking for some advice or a hint which way to go…

I’d like to add custom “onpage” anchors (#id) to some page builder blocks.
Let’s say I have two fields: an anchorname (Readable by human beings) and an anchorslug (converter: slug / used as ID). My plan was to get the value from anchorname and generate the anchorslug placeholder dynamically (while typing) and allow custom text for anchorslug if necessary.

Something like the following:
----label: Name
----type: text
----width: ½
----label: ID
----type: text
----converter: slug
----width: ½
----placeholder: {{anchorname}}

(leading hyphens only for indentation in this editor)

Hm, if you don’t want to code something custom, i.e. a field that listens to the other field, then you are probably better off without the second field and just calculation the anchorurl from the anchorname without user fiddling.