Display field value in help text

Is there any way to get the field value in the help text with the query language? Please note that the field is in a builder so I can’t get it by name. Is there anything like {{this.value}}?

  label: YouTube ID
  type: text
  help: "Can I get the value of the field in this text?"

No, this would have to be supported by the plugin.

Too bad. Thanks for the fast answer!

What is your use case? The only place that supports using a field value is the fieldset label…

I want to place a link below the field, for example this:

<a href="{{page.url}}?download-thumb={{value}}">Download Image</a>

Then in the Frontend there’s a simple script where downloads the YouTube Preview Image from YouTube to my own Server to the Images.

Just an idea: you could abuse the fieldset label for this purpose, with a little help from a hidden field that has a default value of page url.

    label: Page Builder
    type: builder
        name: Fieldset Name
        label: <a href="{{ hidden }}?download-thumb={{ text }}">Download Image</a>
            type: hidden
            default: "{{ page.url }}"
            type: text
            help: Click on the label above to download a video thumb.

Very interesting solution and it seems to work. Not the perfect way but it does the trick :wink:

You might want to add a feature request for the plugin.

I’m already in heavy conversation with Tim as we have some problems with the pagebuilder with a lot amount of fields and some other bugs