Text Block adding extra p tags

I originally started playing with Kirby v3 and the Editor Plugin. Then Kirby 3.5 appeared with the new blocks field so I updated and changed my blueprints to use blocks instead of the editor and removed the editor plugin.
Now I’ve noticed I keep getting paragraph tags added to the text block. Empty p tags added around the actual content.

I’ve deleted them from the JSON in the txt file.
This works until I go back to the same page in the panel and simply click on a text block. As soon as I do the save button pops up, even though I haven’t edited anything. I click save and check the front-end and txt file and the paragraph tag have been added back in to the text block I clicked on.
Thought it was an issue converting from Editor to Blocks so I’ve tried creating a brand new page but I have the same issues.

I’m guessing the paragraph tags should be added by the text() method in the text.php file?

Yes, the writer field stores p tags in your content files. That is because the text field (=writer field) supports multiple paragraphs.

So if p tags should be stored in the JSON why am I getting extra empty p tags?

I don’t know. Can you reproduce this in a fresh Starterkit?

Thanks @pixelijn and @texnixe I have tried a fresh starterkit and couldn’t replicate it but I now know why. I had overridden the text block php file in my snippets folder and forgotten about it, what an idiot!

Think I did this because the editor didn’t store p tags in the content. So when I moved over to blocks initially no p tag were saved as the old editor content was being read. Once I started editing the content again the p tag started to get saved to with the content, as they should be.

Sorry for time wasting.


Glad you could solve the issue.