Kirby $block->text() adding unnecessary <p> tags

So, I’ve created a custom block for some list items. It’s literally just a text field surrounded by some <li> tags.

The issue I have, though, is that paragraph tags are being added to every letter on the toggled out editor panel.

If just edit on the main page, I can enter without the <p> tags every letter…

But, if I go back into the toggled editor, I get this…

Here’s my code:

name: Service
icon: list-bullet
preview: text
    label: Service
    type: text

<?php /** @var \Kirby\Cms\Block $block */ ?>

<li class="[ service ] [ py--050 ]"><?= Str::unhtml($block->text()) ?></li>

I assume I’m doing something wrong.

On top of that, is there a way to get the text field to show up without the editor panel, like the default Kirby text block works?

May I ask why you don’t use a list field? Or a writer field set to inline: true.

You would need a custom preview