Temporarily deploying a kirby website

I’m remotely working with someone on a website and I’m trying to show them a first draft online.
When working with nuxt and vue, I use netlify to fastly deploy something.
But when it comes to Kirby, what is your way to go?


You could use tools like ngrok to serve your local installation via a public domain. It‘s really easy to spin up with a single command and just as easy to stop with killing that command.

If you prefer to self-host the proxy, there are a number of open source alternatives you could use. In this case you need to set up a server somewhere and can similarly tunnel from your local machine to that server.

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One such Open Source alternative which also comes with a service: GitHub - beyondcode/expose: A beautiful, fully open-source, tunneling service - written in pure PHP

Note that with the free tier of ngrok/expose the URL changes whenever you kill the connection.

While these services are great when you want to share something while sitting at your computer, if you need a more async solution, you could spin up a cloud instance. Oracle offers a free tier: Cloud Infrastructure | Oracle.

If you don’t mind a technically more ambitious approch, but without usage of external services, you might want to look into my small series of blog articles, which describe such a setup: Uwe Gehring | Blog. Admittedly, without a basic understanding of networking services, you won’t find it useful.