Vue + Kirby API without reverse proxy?

Hi all, I’m using currently using this kirby-vue template that serves a Vue front-end and Kirby API request from two different ports. Is it possible to compile down Vue assets into static files and serve them from Kirby itself (w/o an API call)? I’m guessing this is how the Panel is setup internally.

I’m not sure I quite understand the question. The Panel makes API calls to the backend and in the same way you have to make API calls to Kirby from your Vue frontend. How else do you want this to work?

Apologies for the ambiguity–I guess this purely a deploy question. I’m wondering what’s the best practice for deploying Kirby + a framework. Without modifying the template repo my initial thought was to set up NGINX to proxy requests to two different ports on my server. Is it advisable to serve static framework JS files using the default Kirby PHP backend setup? (Thus avoiding the need to setup an NGINX config etc.)