Suggestions for structure field documentation


A coworker of mine started working with Kirby and was telling me that it was missing a feature for modular or repeated structured content, so I showed them the Structure field documentation.

One issue I had when showing this feature was that there are very few screenshots of how it can look and work in the Panel.

My suggestion would be to add screenshots near the start of the doc pages, explaining that this is the kind of result you can get in the Panel with Structure fields. Then explains how it works on the technical side. I understand the logic in the “this is the code to do X and finally this is the visual result” narrative, but I think it’s more engaging to go “look at what we can do! now let’s dig in”.

Another issue I had was that it’s a bit hard to tell which page is the “best” option for learning about Structure fields, what with the 3 pages which have duplicate information. Suggestion:

  1. Merge the 2 cookbook pages into one big doc/tutorial page.
  2. Make the cheatsheet page terser and point to the cookbook page for details.

Finally, one of the cookbook pages suggests this plugin for an alternative approach:
It might be nice to add the kirby-modules plugin to this “Beyond the structure field” part.

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Thanks for your suggestions, @fvsch. Yes, I agree, good ideas :slight_smile:. Will note this down for the next review.