Structure field just one entry possible (latest entry)

Hi there Kirbyans

Lately I wanted to create a new Kirby CMS instance for a customer but strangely I can’t use structure fields anymore because all entries are overwritten and only the last entry remains visible. is this a known bug? The same setup worked as expected with Kirby 3.3.5

the behavior can be reconstructed under the following conditions: latest plainkit (Kiby V. 3.7.2), php: 7.4 or 8, local with mamp or on server with ssl (lets encrypt)

for the structure field i used the first example:

Thank you! Malwin

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I have a similar problem with the latest version (3.7.2), downgrading to 3.7.1 fixed the problem.

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hi pikselkraft. downgraded to 3.7.1 and am now a happy user again :blossom:

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I mention @bastianallgeier and @texnixe in this topic. I saw a new post on the forum about this problem (Structure field seems to be broken on blocks).

Yes, it’s a bug that unfortunately sneaked into 3.7.2, we are on it. Sorry for that.

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The issue fixed in patch release

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Great, no more problems with the structures fields, thanks!

@ahmetbora I’m still having this Problem in Kirby

what can i do to fix this?



Could you try to delete media/panel folder and hard refresh please?

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@ahmetbora thanks! it’s working after i deleted the media/panel folder.