Subpages in virtual pages on the panel

Good Day,
can you help me how to create subpages from virtual pages on the panel?

I am trying to create a virual pages from a database.
my goal is to create a multiple subpages in the panel
let us say I have a tables “owner” , “brand”, “color” ,
what I want to see is that when I opened the owner John, I want a list of pages of brands only for owner John. and if I open the brand1, I want t see the colors associate with the brand1.

how can I do that?

Owner John

  • Brand1
    - Color1

Owner Doe

  • Brand2
    • Color2

thanks in advance. and more power

Since your data is stored in the database, you probably mean display those subpages, not create them?

hi @texnixe , you are right. display brand1 as lists of pages under owner John.

Kirby doesn’t support queries in pages sections, so to achieve this, you would have to use the Pagesdisplay section plugin:

This would not display a pages’ tree, though, but just the direct subpages of an owner. The subpage brand-1 could then have a list of subpages again.