Subpages in subpages

I’m trying to create this structure using Kirby 3’s blueprints:

—Issue 01
——Article 01
——Article 02
——Article 03
—Issue 02
—Issue 03

I’ve been referencing the Blueprint doc and the Blog sample file, but niether seem to go into this specific case. What is the recommended best practice?

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You could set up three blueprints:

  • issues.yml
  • issue.yml
  • article.yml

Your issues.yml would have one or more pages sections (depending on whether or not you want different sections for different statuses) limited to subpages with the issue.yml template.

Then your issue.yml would have one or more pages sections, limited to subpages with the article.yml blueprint.

Finally, you would have the article.yml blueprint with fields for your article.

Since both issues.yml and issue.yml are only containers without any content of their own, you could make your life easy and set them up with a pages preset, similar to the blog example on that page:

title: Issues
preset: pages
icon: đź“ś
  url: false
  status: false
  delete: false
  extends: sections/issues
  headline: Unpublished issues
  extends: sections/issues
  headline: Issues in review
  extends: sections/issues
  headline: Published issues

Then you need your sections/issues.yml.

type: pages
template: issue

And your issue.yml would be more or less the same, only with a sections/articles.yml

Thank you