Subpagelist // New Field Plugin

Subpagelist is a field plugin which you can use to display the list of subpages in the main column of the panel. It’s a really nice option if you have pages which are basically used as container for a lot of subpages (like news, …).

Here’s a quick preview of how it looks like.

With this plugin I basically wanted to level up my Kirby skills (learning by doing). It is my first Kirby plugin and was inspired by this topic. If you have any tipps or suggestions, please let me know.

How to use …

The plugin is very easy to install. You can find all details on Github.


There’s a new version available which supports pagination. Thanks to @LucPestille for the suggestion.

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I’ve added some filtering options.

I really like the idea of this one -great work! :raised_hands:

Thanks for the kind reply :smile:

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