Starting Issues: plugins and landing page

Hello, I change from WP to Kirby and I have too starting issues I cannot solve:

a) I want to change the landing page from photography to a blank page, no idea how to handle this
b) I do not know how to activate plugins: I installed a plugin under plugin but I cannot find it in the panel

Maybe this both sound stupid and rtfm related but I do not found and read the right articles. Could anyone help me? Thank you. Best Regards, Stefan.

Hey @rhoenmaeher, welcome to the forum!

As regards question a, I somehow don’t really understand the question.

Question b, plugins do not usually “appear” in the Panel, unless they provide Panel views or so. Depending on type of plugin (e.g. custom fields), you can use them in blueprints, or they provide additional functionality. Which plugins have you actually installed?

Dear texnixe, nice name by the way (texlive is brilliant!),

Sorry, for writing incomprehensible. Let me add the following:

to a) the landing page of Kirby’s starterkit-master is a page called “Home”. Editing this page it says: All content for the homepage is being pulled from the photography page. I would like to change this to a simple page where I can add text content. Put it in a nut shall: I want to have a self-disigned landing page.
to b) I want to install “secured pages” and after un-zipping the plugin I do not know how to activate it.

Thank you.

Best Regards


Ah, ok, you can edit the home.yml blueprint for the Panel, and the home.php template and put in anything you like.

Ah, ok, so you have to unpack that folder into the plugins folder and then edit the blueprint for the page you want to protect: GitHub - kerli81/kirby-securedpages: Protect pages for authenticated users

Hi again,

“Landing Page” is adjusted. So I need to learn more about the blueprints. Are there templates for the blueprints? I’m asking because the proctected page unfortunately works.

Another question: where can I set-up “change templates”? It’s blocked for some reason. And: is a book or a tutorial available for Kirby?

Thank you very much for your great support !!

Best Regards

The docs are actually pretty extensive, as a beginner, the guide is a good starting point.
For the blueprints, you can find introductory chapters in the guide, and every detail in the reference

There are also some videos available: Tutorial videos 📺 - Kirby

changeTemplate is a page blueprint option:

Title: Blueprint name

   - list 
   - of 
   - allowed 
   - templates

The default for this setting is false. Note that content of fields that exist in one template but not in the other gets deleted, so blueprints should be compatible.