Sortable subpages in panel


How do I make the subpages sortable (manually drag & drop)?
I tried everything and can’t make it work…

title: Agenda
    headline: Drafts
    type: pages
    status: draft
    templates: agendaitem
    headline: Published
    type: pages
    status: published
    templates: agendaitem
title: Agenda Item
preset: page
pages: false
files: false
    label: Date
    type: text
    label: URL
    type: url

As long as you use the standard sorting by number, manual sorting is the default, anyway so should work out of the box.


I checked the content folder and the sub pages start with “1_”, …
Still, the sorting doesn’t work. Any ideas?

I want to see the sort handles (see attachment)


Hm, do the handles pop up when you move the mouse over them item (on the left in the screenshot):

You can only sort published items, not the drafts, by dragging these handles.


I tried everything, but they still don’t pop up.
The only way I can change the order is by changing status > choose position…

The sort handles only pop up on the main level: the pages of the website.
They don’t pop up for the subpages…

What blueprint code did you use for Published and Item 2 and Item 1? I want to try your result…


I actually threw your examples into a Starterkit, so created agenda.yml and agendaitem.yml

What Kirby version are you using?


Kirby 3.0.1


Then I suggest you update first to the lastest release and test again.


Nice, this solved it! Thank you again for your speedy and helpful responses :slight_smile: