Sort structure field in panel by date

I am trying to sort a structure field by date so new items go at the top.


    label: Messages
    type: structure
    sortBy: date desc
        label: Date
        type: text
        label: message
        type: textarea

My date field is set in a route like this:

'date' => date("d-m-Y h:i:sa"),

The dates are set fine, but the structure field is not sorted

What do you mean?

Are the structure field entries sorted at all? What is your Kirby version?

Sorting by a normal date field works.

I have a ajax form that creates a new structure field row via a route.

I am using Kirby 3.0

Should I change the field to a date field, what format does that accept?


I mean 3.4.4

sorry being really dense here, I had some records with the wrong dates. It’s working fine.