Sort structure field by multiple parameters

I thought it was possible to sort by multiple parameters in a structure field?
This only works for date or time separately, but not if I combine them.
(yes, I need date and time in separate fields)

  label: Events
  type: structure
  sortBy: date asc time asc
      label: Titel
      type: text
      label: Datum
      type: date
      label: Zeit (LT)
      type: time
      step: 5

According to the description in the docs you can only sort by a single field.

Thx. I thought I saw that somewhere.
Solved with a page.update:after hook.

Multiple sort fields and even using custom methods for sorting only works for sections.

Would be great if that was possible, though. Maybe worth an issue in the ideas repo.

i am having the same problem and are wondering if this feature has been added to Kirby in the meantime and if not how this can be solved with page.update:after?