Snippet not working on new template

Hello All ! I’m new to Kirby ! I’ve created a page called “login” with a template named “login” in the template folder called, login too. And i’ve created a snippet called “login” in snippet folder too with html inside ( a simple form ).

The snippet is working on other my but not in my new page ! I can see the text of the page.

Do you have an idea about what i did wrong ?
I think the template is not loading on my new page.

Thank you

Maybe is it helpfull for the support Team if you post your Code from the Template and the Snippet

I’m sure now that it’s a template problem ! The template is not loading , it’s the default template that is loaded! It’s not a snippet problem as they work to other pages !
I’ve followed those instructions :
Thanks thesmithy for your answer

you mean it is the default snippet from the Starterkit?

Yes it’s the default template that is loaded !

Could you post a screenshot of your folder structure?
What’s the filename of your new login page?

It’s repaired ! I was sure it was an obvious error ! I’ve just remarked that the content file was called default ! I’ve simply renamed as the template file : login !!

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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