Cannot access the main page

Method Kirbytext::__toString() must not throw an exception, caught Error: Call to a member function url() on null

The problem is that this issue occur only when I try to access the app using the loadbalancer link: https://gtm-nx-food-com… but when I try with the ip address http://ip_address there is no issue.

Please post your template code for the start page including snippets you are calling.

Where Can I find this template code for the start page?

Is this a fresh Starterkit you just downloaded or some project?

It’s a new project received but the developers gave us this package (so I think it’s not a fresh starterkit). it looks like:


Ok, you can find the templates in the /site/templates folder. For the homepage, there is usually a home.php template.

root@nxfood:/var/www/html/site/templates# cat home.php







I only just realized that you added some information about the loadbalancer link in your first post.

Sounds as if there’s some misconfiguration on the server side or some requirement missing.