Snippet defined in plugin: "Illegal offset type"

I have been using code like this

<?php foreach($page->children()->listed() as $p): ?>
        <?php snippet($p->template(), ['data' => $p]); ?>
<?php endforeach ?>

similar to the one-pager tutorial and since running tests on 3.2. it seems like it’s searching for snippets and can’t find them or something. In this case there’s alot snippets registered via plugin but i can’t seem to find a solution …

while the docs seem to show the new snippet methods and fallbacks, it does not seem to report any sort of other change in general use.

Hm, I can’t reproduce this issue, at least not with standard snippets. Have you made sure to clear the session folder, media folder and all caches?

Edit: But yes, I get the same error when I move the snippets to a plugin. Seems to be a bug.

Yes, this seems to be a bug. I’m sorry! @carstengrimm could you create a ticket for it?

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Should be fixed in 3.2.1