Can't override snippets coming from plugin

Hey there,

Sorry - potentially complete n00b question coming up:

I am currently trying to implement a plugin on my Kirby 4 site (GitHub - mauricerenck/komments: A Kirby comment plugin, to be specific).

I am working on customising a few details by overriding the plugin’s default snippets. To that end, I’ve put a copy of them into the site/snippets/komments/ folder and started making edits.

However, only changes from one of the files actually show up in the frontend – while all others get ignored.

The snippets are named as follows:

Only the changes I make in kommentform.php show up; any others do not.

Could it be that the naming patterns are a problem (like, anything with a - in the name does not work)? Or is that potentially a problem with the actual plugin?

I’m pretty stuck – and would be more than happy about any suggestions here.


According to the structure, I would assume that those other snippets should go into a subfolder type within the komments folder.

Thanks, this is what I assumed as well.

I tried all the following patterns (unsuccessfully):


Inside the actual plugin folder, file names are exactly as in my screenshot above (e.g., plugins/komments/snippets/mention-type-mention.php).

I am confused :confused:.

Never mind my confusion! You were right!!

komments/type/mention.php (without the extra mention subfolder) does work.

Thank you so much.