Can't include snippets to sections


I am a junior web-designer with almost no knowledge of PHP, so I apologize in advance if my question will sound dull. I am trying to adapt a one-pager website to Kirby, and I followed the instructions found there:

I followed exactly the same steps but looks like the

<?php foreach($pages->listed() as $section) {
  		snippet($section->uid(), ['data' => $section]);
			} ?>

is not working. In fact I receive no errors but my container div remains empty when I look at the source code. I don’t know where to look at to fix this issue.

Here is my home.php:

   <?php snippet('header') ?>

    		<div id="container">

    			<?php foreach($pages->listed() as $section) {
      		snippet($section->uid(), ['data' => $section]);
    			} ?>


<?php snippet('footer') ?>

Thank you

Do the snippet have the same name as the section uid?
Are the pages you are including actually listed?

Yes the pages are listed and have the same names as the snippets. Is that what you mean?

I attach the screenshots from the folder

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 15.02.16 Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 15.00.45

But your snippets have the wrong names, please remove the leading numbers and the underscore.


Ok, I thought it was a stupid mistake, but not that stupid ahah

It works now. Thank you very much for your help!