Slider with different layouts

Hello there,

I’m trying to achieve this on my page. It basically wants to be a slider with different layouts, changing when clicking:

Any recommendation on how to do this?

Thanks so much in advance.

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Thats a neat effect, and looks totally custom, if you go poking around in the javascript powering it. You could read through that and figure out your own version. One thing i did notice is that its not possible to go back, you can continue clicking forwards.

On a basic level, all the images have been laid out on one page and hidden, and the click event just shows each one in turn, and removing the previous ones. It’s not a slider as such, more a flip book.

You could probably get close to it with tiny slider, which can do nested sliders. If you put it in gallery mode, it will flick through rather then do a carousel. You can use its events to effect the why the slides change etc. It will do uneven heights too. (The on index change event, for example)

Wonder how the user is supposed to know that there’s more to see…

Well yes. Neat is all very well, but you have to give usability a hint.