Onepager with different Blueprints? Possible?

Hello, there,

I have a one-pager and want to edit different sections (in the panel) -> Events and a picture gallery. possible?

Thanks for your help.


Yes, this is of course possible, if you make each section a subpage or use the modules plugin.

You can also check out the one-pager recipe, while there is no talk of the panel, each section uses a different content file name (projects.txt, about-me.txt, etc.), which in a Panel context translates to an individual blueprint of the same name.

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thanks for your quick answer!
I have now created subpages. But now my method for events would have to be adapted, so I’m reaching my limits. Can you help me with that? Thank you!

 <?php echo $page->text()->kirbytext() ?>
<?php foreach($page->children()->visible()->flip() as $article): ?>


<?php endforeach ?>

It that how you fetch your events? If you followed the cookbook recipe, your section will no longer be called $page but $data, so you will have to replace that variable.

yes exactly, this is my event.

 <?php echo $data->text()->kirbytext() ?>
<?php foreach($data->children()->visible()->flip() as $article): ?>

this does not work. Sorry, I am a total layman:-)

Don’t worry, we’ll get there! Could you post your content folder structure, please? Also, where is that code you posted above? In the events snippet?

(Please wrap blocks of code within three backticks on a separate line before and after your code to make it readable, thank you!)

Yes its the code of the events snipped.
i made a screenshot of the folder structure

And inside the events folder?


Hm, the events page is missing an events.txt file, but the children should nevertheless get fetched.

What does actually happen. Do you get an error message or just nothing displayed?

Could you also please post the code from your home.php template?

The problem is probably the same slug name for each event.
Should be something like:

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@lukaskleinschmidt Yes, of course, I’m so blind this morning.

@kascho Please note that while it is possible to create these folders in the filesystem because of the different numbers, to Kirby these are absolutely identical, because the prepended number is just a flag (visible/invisible). In the Panel, you wouldn’t be able to create pages with the same slug.

would have been nice, but unfortunately this is not the solution:-(
I try to explain with my means what happens:

When the events were the kids from home everything was great and the result looked like this

Now with the created subpages it looks like this

I think the problem is the assignment?:

<?php echo $page->text()->kirbytext() ?> <?php foreach($page->children()->visible()->flip() as $article): ?>

would not have to be $events instead of $page? But that doesn’t work…

It would be more useful to see your code… If you want, create a ZIP and upload it somewhere, then send me a link via PM, that will be quicker than trying to sort this out here.

ok! i send you a email to