Which image gallery or slider do you use?

Good morning together.

Today I have question about image galleries or sliders. Yesterday I have search for a image gallery or slider which I can use for my website but there are so many and as a Newby I don’t know which could be the right one.

When I have see it right I have the choice between jQuery based galleries and slider or pure css versions.
But what is more userfriendly? And which is practically to integrate with kirbyCMS.

For what do I need it?

On some pages and blog articles I want to integrate a image gallerie or slider for more than one image.

I’ happy to read some ideas.

In general, you have the choice between jQuery based slider, CSS based sliders and vanilla JS based sliders. If you don’t use jQuery for other stuff anyway, I’d go for a vanilla JS or CSS alternative.

There is already a post regarding slider/gallery alternatives: Basics: Galleries, Sliders


I use in most cases the Bootstrap Carousel because it is nice to change and it have also good JS events.
Some other good sliders are the RoyalSlider but it costs a little bit.
Also good are the OWLSlider.

For Bootstrap I have here a little snippet: https://gist.github.com/janstieler/6679145
But it could be that you need a little bit changing for Kirby 2 ans you need to add the JS files.

If you have hard requirements what function the slider should have. Write it down and I try to give you a tip.


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I think one of the best (vanilla JS) sliders is Flickity, from MetaFizzy : Flickity 2.0 . We use it in a lot of (large and small) projects and it is by far the most sophisticated and steady slider plugin we’ve used :slight_smile:


I will look at all in the next days. I think there will be a solution which fits my needs.