Site.yml options don't seem to apply?

I’m trying to restrict a role from creating/rearranging/deleting the root level pages via the site blueprint but nothing seems to work.

Even with the most straightforward (targeting all users rather than specific roles):


title: Site
preset: pages
  create: false
  delete: false

all users still have the ability to create/delete root level pages. Am I confused about how this is supposed to work or is there a bug?

I’ve also tried setting the user’s permissions via their rolename.yml with site: false to no avail.

I am using Kirby

I can’t find a create option setting in the documentation. Does delete really also not work?

the blueprint for the site object does not control how subpages are managed.

you can either do that per page object blueprint (for each template)

or use a user blueprint and define permissions to restrict what a user with that specific role can do.