Prevent creation, deletion, slug and position change of top-level pages

I use site.yml as menu for reaching the content pages. However I want to prevent all users (including admins) to create, delete, change URL or position of top-level pages, from within the Panel.

This is what I have in site.yml, and the only option that have effect is create: false. Can someone please enlighten me why this doesn’t work? :exploding_head: Thanks!

        delete: false
        create: false
        changeSlug: false
        changeStatus: false
        changeTemplate: false
          - works
          - exhibitions
          - about
          - contact

These options are no set in the section, but in the page blueprints for these parent pages:

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Thank you @texnixe ! It works and makes sense that those settings are related to pages themselves.
I guess I’m still trying to figure out what relates to what.